Monday, May 4, 2009

Why you should subscribe to blogs

Why should you subscribe to blogs? For that matter, why should you click that orange icon in this blog?

Before I answer that question, I would have to introduce the idea of readers. A readers is a software (which maybe an online or computer-based application) pulls new information from an online source to your computer. Readers are related to RSS. RSS is a topic of its own, but in the interest of blogging, let’s define RSS as a system (a feed) that allows a blogger to easily announce to the subscribers that there is new content to the website.

If you have a Yahoo! Mail account, you might have come across the My Yahoo! Homepage, which is essentially a start page. There, you could add a certain blog or any RSS feed, and your page would just display if there is new content (or post). There is a similar feature in iGoogle (Google’s user-based homepage). Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird also have readers. The software (or the Start Page) will just display the headline, and you have the option to download the content of that headline if you find it interesting.

Unlike subscribing to newsletters, subscribing to blogs does not require you to reveal personal information (such as email addresses). Also, you only receive information from that source that you need or are interested in, so you will not waste time downloading data that you might then learn you do not need. You will not receive spam from other receivers of that e-group or marketing communication from the e-group administrator.

The summary of this short post answers the question above. When you subscribe to a blog (by clicking the orange icon and then selecting your reader), you (the readers) get update about new content (information) that you may be interested in without revealing your email address and you can select the content that you want to download or read, thus saving you time from downloading the content.

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