Friday, May 15, 2009

Online Journal Options

The Office of the Dean is currently looking into the feasibility of setting of up an online journal. It might be an online version of the UP Manila Journal or a college-based peer-reviewed journal.

An online journal is not that difficult to implement--thanks to open source systems. And the idea is not that too alien, either. UP Diliman and UP Los Banos both have online journals using the system provided by the Public Knowledge Project.

There are two ways to implementing the Open Journal System (OJS):
  • You can set up the journal which INASP will host (easier to maintain--if at all--but may be a bit long to initiate due to legal requirements, but not so much).
  • Download the OJS code to the organization's server and implement it from their end (might need a bit of technical know-how, but is faster as the code is available at the site).
Either way, the system allows the journal organization to publish articles and share knowledge to a wider audience (talk about the world) without investing a lot. Further, if the journal is added to the online directory of online journals (eg Open Science Directory and Directory of Open Access Journals), the journal is connected to a global network of knowledge seekers. This helps the journal (and the supporting or host organization) highlight (if not promote) the expertise of its members or researchers, and--more importantly--the knowledge is shared with those who need it. Hopefully, this knowledge-sharing attitude will result in more effective and efficient ways of resolving concerns the journal organization seeks to address.

The online journal promises many benefits that the printed version cannot give. It even reduces the required library space for journals, and the journal is accessible anytime (no need to have the library open 24 hours). Of course, I like reading from a piece of paper or book, but you can always print the online journal (reducing the cost of printing for the organization).

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