Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Using your mobile phone as highspeed modem

Globe, Sun and Smart probably would be hunting me when they read this post. With the idea that has been in existence (but not promoted extensively) since GPRS was born, using the existing device (your mobile phone) to connect to the Internet instead of buying the USB adapter which costs average of PhP 1,800 is a great idea and more cost-effective.

What am I talking about?
If you have a mobile phone which has 3G or HSDPA feature, then you can use that to connect to the internet, having the same speed as that of SmartBro, Globe Tattoo or Sun Broadband.

(Actually, instead of looking at it that way, think of it the other way: SmartBro, Globe Tattoo and Sun Broadband use the same technology as using your cellular phone as modem. The USB adapters you use actually have mobile phone accounts, which is why you have to load them with credits, at any loading station!)

How exactly do you do that?
Google this topic " SPACE Philippines SPACE Using cellphone as modem HSDPA."

Try it.

I will try it as soon as I get my mobile phone with 3G. I use Globe. I'll post the results here.

(Although I may not have the experience of configuring it, I saw my professor in Management Information Systems (Master of Management) do it for our class at CAS - UP Manila. It works!)

Any limitation that the 3G/HSDPA USB adapters would have. That means, if you cannot connect to WAP using your mobile phone, definitely, you cannot use it to connect to the Internet as a modem. They use the same signal/channel.

I am not sure, but I think if you are online, and someone calls your mobile phone, it might get disconnected. But I am not sure. I'm inclined to compare it to DSL (you are online even if someone is using the phone) than to dial-up internet connection (disconnects when you get a call). Any ideas on this will be welcome.

Additional Resources
For Globe Users, try this link.
If you're using Sony Ericsson with 3G/HSDPA, click here.
For Sun users, try reading here.


  1. thanks for linking my post here. :) really appreciate it.

    i haven't tried using Globe, but I have with Smart and it's great. I did try browsing using my phone with Globe before, but unfortunately the connection was either slow or non-existent, at which point I just stopped trying and switched to Smart.

    ooppss.. I'm a little biased here. It depends on the location, I think. I've heard some people saying that Smart sucks from where they are (contrary to my experience), so it's still unclear.

  2. I've been doing and using this for the past 2 years -- or eversince our networks accomodated 3G. 3G capable phones especially the branded ones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc can be used as modems to your laptop either through a USB connection or bluetooth. Nokia phones plus the PC Suite installed to your PC enables you to exploit your phone as well as the 3G or GPRS signal in the network. As for the mac, there are scripts available online that will do the same thing for you with a bit of research and configuration.

    This tandem of phone and laptop never fails me. And the usb dongles sold by Sun, Smart and Globe are indeed the same thing because they all use the same 3G signal that is used by celfones. They mere constructed a USB transceiver that can connect to their existing 3G networks. So if you have a 3G phone, it would be redundant to get these dongles.

    And yes, it depends on the location of the user and the signal strength of the provider. Parang celfone din ang prinsipyo. The same signal applies.

    Obviously now, mobile providers have shifted from networks based on voice/audio to networks that are based on Data. Same networks pa rin naman ang gamit. Same signal. Iba lang ang "packets" na dumadaan. :) Ayuuuz!

    ~ Jal Taguibao

  3. who has the best mobile high-speed broadband service on the west coast - verizon, cingluar, or sprint?
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