Sunday, April 1, 2012

CAS ICT Projects

With my upcoming database systems training (initially, with Intro to Database Systems, to be followed by Basic PHP-MySQL, and then Advanced PHP-MySQL), I have this preliminary list of ICT-related ideas:

  1. Information-Gathering Behavior of CAS Constituents - The end-goal is for the College to come up with a comprehensive strategic communication program for its various stakeholders and initiatives.
  2. Faculty Information System 2.0 - Update the FIS to be more useful to both management (administrators' information needs and promotional purposes) and the faculty members
  3. Database Implementation on Processes requiring them
  4. FOSS, Ubuntu and LibreOffice Training for the Faculty
  5. Google Apps Familiarization Training for Faculty (Design already 2 years old)
The wireless CAS campus is just delayed for a few weeks, but after this Holy Week, there will be more updates.

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