Thursday, March 29, 2012

CAS holds first open source training


The 2-day training seminar on FOSS, Ubuntu and LibreOffice yesterday and today was not simply a training about open source software, but is an example of open source training.

Besides the fact that all applications used to prepare for the training were open source (OpenOffice.Org in 2009 for the training profile, LibreOffice for the request for funds, tasks management and tracking, and the presentation file, Scribus for the certificate of attendance, Freemind for the planning and mind mapping), the training was open for everyone for feedback and comment.

The training profile, including the content, was published for everyone's preview before it was implemented. The "source" or training design was reviewed not only by training or open source specialists ("programmers" in computing science lingo) but for everyone to view and give feedback for improvement.

Further, the training invited IMS participants to view the curriculum and its implementation for continued improvement, and share the idea to others (IMS who will continue to develop their curriculum for implementation with other colleges).

The concept of open-source emphasizes the opportunity of open-source concepts: continued improvement, sharing of knowledge and community of learning.

This is just a quick write-up on the 2-day seminar. It was not just a seminar on open source software. It was an example of open-source training.

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