Friday, April 17, 2009

To save or not to save: Passwords and your laptop

Should you save your passwords in your browser if you log in to websites using your laptop?

I would recommend that you use the password saving option of your browser if you:
  • are careful of websites where you go to
  • are careful of software that you download or install
  • are the only one using your laptop or you are mindful of people who use your laptop
  • clear your browsing history appropriately.
I do not recommend saving your password in a browser if you:
  • are not careful of websites where you go to (i.e., you go to websites which are prone to malicious software, such as porn sites)
  • are not careful of software that you download and install (you might actually be downloading a virus, a Trojan, or a worm).
  • too many people use your laptop and you do not consider how they use your laptop (security-wise)
  • do not clear your browsing history at all.
Security is everybody's concern. The first level of security should start with the user. And forget about hackers. When you consider security, consider virus, rogue virus, spyware, and data loss.

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